Checkerboard like 3D city terrain and roads system for urban environment projects.
Connectable square pieces allowing you to create complex roadway systems for your city.
When combined with suitable building assets, this package provides you with ability to compile substantial quality urban scenes.

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39 overall square pieces:
2x grass
2x pavement
5x single lane road end
1x single lane road
2x single lane road 90 degree beeline
1x two lane / single lane cross-road
1x two lane / single lane cross-road T shape
2x two lane road
1x two lane road 90 degree beeline
1x two lane road with retarder
3x two lane road end to pavement
2x two lane cross-road
2x two lane cross-road T shape
1x two lane bus-stop island
1x two lane parking islands (both sides)
1x two lane / four lane road connection
2x four lane road
1x four lane road with chicane to 2 lane
2x four lane / two lane cross-road
3x four lane / two lane cross-road T shape
1x four lane crossroad
1x four lane crossroad T shape
1x four lane road 90 degree beeline
4x sky-box

Each square real dimensions: 30 x 30 meters
Lane width 3 meters

3 LODs on most peaces (2 LODs on few), last (LOD2) with colliders
First LOD: 1-2,3K triangles
Last LOD 276 triangle at most
(150 triangles on average)
Materials: Standard (Specular Setup)
Maps: TIFF- Albedo with Alpha, Specular, Normal
tilable, grass 2K, paving 1024 x 512 or 1K, tarmac 1024 x 512

Prefab scene presents all 39 available pieces stacked in groups that connect to each other in most logical manner. Align pieces by the corner (with V key) and rotate by 90 (or 180 or 270)degrees if needed as they rotate around the center. Demo scene present all the prefabs mentioned above plus an example of a small area of a closed city terrain composed of them. Not every piece connects to the rest but if you follow a simple rule of starting with a type of road you want lets say a two lane than you connect two lane crossing and continue accordingly.
This system is designed to help you create reasonably complex road system for your city environment ad logically close every road network you started. When compiling city structure perhaps it is reasonable to start with more compact network in traditional center (one lane + two lane roads) and construct highways in surroundings, for a metropolis like center use four lane cross-road segments.
Demo scene provides you with the combinations above. This package does not contain any automated system for terrain construction.
It is purely and simply – duplicate – move – align – rotate.
However each square dimensions are 30 by 30 meters so you will be able to assemble quite a vast area rather quickly.