Modular city district providing good – sized environment for urban projects assembled from facade, side wall and roof pieces.
This package contains our entire City Streets Checkerboard package as a bonus.
All assets are PBR ready.
There are no city prop modes in this package !!!

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Supports unity 2019.2.14f1

Package content:

17 facade types split in parts for modular use (shop fronts / entrances  + two – four story upper parts)
4 pieces of four story side walls split in parts for modular use 1 piece of regular side wall
48 modular roof pieces including flat, double sloping, hip and special 39 square terrain and road pieces
4 sky-boxes
Demo scene contains 43 original block composed of included assets and 178 overall block variations.
Possible to setup day and night scenes (using emission and preset lights in scene)
3 LODs on most pieces (2 LODs on few), last (LOD2) with colliders
Facades First LOD: 0,5-1K triangles Roofs First LOD: 100 – 1,8K triangles
Terrain First LOD: 1-2,3K triangles Facades Last LOD 12 triangles
Roofs Last LOD: 26-64 triangles Terrain Last LOD 276 triangle at most
Materials: Standard for Facades Walls and Roofs and Standard (Specular setup) for terrain
Maps: TIFF- Albedo with Alpha (Smoothness), Metallic, Specular. Facades 2K  (mostly 2 facades on each map)
Side walls 2K, Roofs 2K,  Grass 2K, Paving 1024×512 or 1K, tarmac 1024×512.